Platinum Air TV is a high-quality digital television network that strives to deliver therapeutic and entertaining shows to connect people, while helping businesses and individuals all across the globe.


We are a growth-driven company that freely promotes multiple charities on every episode of every show to bring more awareness to these organizations and to help people in need all over the world.


Through our accredited show hosts, celebrity guests, and reputable sponsors we aim to help all those involved in our company from the viewers, to the companies that sponsor us, to our talented hosts, all the way up to the communities and charities that all benefit from YOU!


Want to know what's in it for you? 

Click on each tab above to learn, connect, and even grow your business through our many services!  Platinum Air TV is a Worldwide Family that wants to invite you to join us and share your stories, ideas, and passions, and Don't forget to enjoy all of our fun activites and get your Special Shopping Discounts Here!!!

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